• Proper accounting (GoB)
  • computer-aided accounting systems (GoBS)
  • business module invoices and posting records
  • quality assurance
  • time-controlled accounting
  • monitoring


  • Offer calculation
  • Contract management/billing 
  • Planning
  • Individual contract mapping despite product-oriented mapping
  • Easy integration of processes apart from billing 
  • Customer portal with contract data, time series, but also tranche fixing


  • Fully automated, event-driven energy determination
  • Flexible configuration of data aggregations, data comparison and creation of substitute values
  • Monitoring for comprehensive supervision of energy determination processes
  • Plausibility and conspicuity check
  • Fully integrated ZFA (remote meter reading) according to DSfG standard
  • ZFA with flexibly configurable call-off automation


  • Commercial processes for the transport network operator end-to-end
  • Fully automated just-in-time calculation of all necessary key figures
  • Connection to the most important European capacity platforms
  • Mapping of market communication via flexible export management
  • End-to-end processes are supported with different portal applications


  • Balancing group management for traders and balancing group managers
  • Planning and implementation of capacity bookings
  • Operational management of balancing groups
  • Communication and verification processes such as data clearing and shadow balancing
  • With balancing group monitoring daily control and monitoring over all balancing group levels
  • Market processes GaBi, GeLi and KARLA
  • Business process supplier change gas (GeLi)


  • Complete solution for your commercial and technical storage management
  • Planning, implementing and managing storage capacities
  • Management of storage outage reports incl. communication with network operators and customers
  • Time series management and their aggregation
  • Contract management
  • Storage inventory management
  • Nomination process with characteristic curve management
  • Billing of storage usage with .billing