OMV Gas Marketing & Trading GmbH: Digitalisation of sales, billing and planning processes

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Establishing new versatile and innovative product strategies for efficient use in sales and billing processes.

OMV Gas Marketing & Trading GmbH (formerly EconGas GmbH) needed to adapt its multiple IT systems to meet increased market requirements in the highly dynamic field of natural gas supply.

Key points

  • Creation of an approach to support processes, ranging from quotation calculation and contract billing to cost and revenue planning
  • Management of sales processes across the company
  • Launch of a standardised reporting system for all subsidiaries
  • Use of a flexible standard software approach to ensure mapping of highly specific requirements

The challenge

The core business of OMV Gas Marketing & Trading GmbH is the supply of natural gas to key customers in Austria and abroad with annual consumption volumes of over 500,000 cubic metres along with natural gas trading through international hubs and exchanges. OMV Marketing & Trading has implemented this business model not only in Austria, but also in Germany, Italy, Hungary and Croatia.

OMV customers in all target countries benefit from customised energy solutions, flexible pricing models and expert advice provided in the spirit of partnership. The service portfolio ranges from standardised products to highly customised solutions. The heterogeneous software solutions that have developed over the last ten years within the OMV Group needed to be adapted to market requirements and standardised across all subsidiaries. The company was looking for a solution to enable an efficient and integrated core process mapping both within the process chain and outside across European branches. The necessary flexibility for mapping such requirements had to be addressed appropriately as had the cost structures of the solution lifecycle. The challenge was to combine the advantages of customised and standard software approaches in one single solution.

Our solution

Benefiting from Sopra Steria’s position of being an established business transformation partner in the energy industry, OMV Gas Marketing & Trading and Sopra Steria joined forces to develop the GAS-X Sales solution. GAS-X Sales is an integrated solution for wholesale energy companies. The solution is the latest addition to the GAS-X product suite, a customised software system designed specifically for the European energy market by Sopra Steria.

The solution for OMV Gas Marketing & Trading provides the following:

  • Quotation calculation, billing and planning based on a standardised data model
  • A plug-in architecture enabling highly customised sales and billing models to be integrated into the standard GAS-X Sales software
  • Mapping of complex pricing strategies
  • Special support for bundle customers and support for multi-level billing constructs (groups, chains, branches, metering points)
  • Calculation, billing and planning of modern sales products, such as tranche models
  • Modelling of complex versions and scenarios as part of cost and revenue planning
  • Separate modelling of transport and supplier components and efficiency
  • Process-driven system integration with CRM, risk/portfolio management and financial accounting systems
  • Business intelligence layer for the standardised access to information independent of tools and software

How we work together

Sopra Steria contributes more than 25 years of experience in the energy sector to the partnership. Both companies had analysed each other’s work approach and procedures for several years before the project was commissioned.

In addition to the compelling solution vision, the trust-based work relationship in the early phase of their collaboration ultimately tipped the balance for OMV Gas Marketing & Trading in favour of the strategic transformation project in partnership with Sopra Steria.

All OMV Gas Marketing & Trading sales departments and subsidiaries were involved in the requirements and specifications process from the outset to ensure acceptance of the changes and the turn-key solution. Sopra Steria’s international profile, operating offices in various countries, was another key factor for the successful change process.

Openness and strong teamwork built the foundation for a pragmatic and solution-driven approach to dealing with changing market and regulatory requirements during the project.

Results and benefits

The GAS-X Sales solution is currently implemented at OMV Gas Marketing & Trading GmbH and across its subsidiaries to provide the basis for mapping the key business processes of quotation calculation, billing and planning. The joint project has resulted in:

  • The consolidation and standardised mapping of quotation, billing and planning processes across the sales departments of OMV Gas Marketing & Trading GmbH
  • Meeting country-specific market requirements, such as delivery and network access models, taxes or currencies
  • The intelligent mapping of a strongly product-focused approach to energy sales using a core calculation component in sales, billing and planning
  • The cost-efficient maintenance and support for the turn-key solution within a broader user community
  • The participation in the continuous development of the GAS-X Sales product in the context of new releases
  • The standardisation of reporting and analysis structures for key business figures


The strong partnership between Sopra Steria and OMV Gas Marketing & Trading enabled us to achieve our goal of integrating sales, billing and planning processes in a unified system and incorporate the local sales units in Austria, Italy, Hungary, Germany and Croatia.