Virtual interconnection point established between Germany and the Netherlands

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The new Virtual Interconnection Point (VIP) between Germany and the Netherlands went operational on 1 April. It is the largest VIP between two congestion zones and connects the German Trading Hub Europe (THE) market area with the Dutch TTF market area for H gas. The new VIP replaces the obsolete VIPs of the old GASPOOL and NCG market areas. 

To ensure seamless communication with the Dutch TSO Gasunie Transport Services B.V. (GTS), five TSO on the German side (Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH (GUD), Open Grid Europe GmbH (OGE), Gascade Gastransport GmbH, Thyssengas GmbH und Fluxys Deutschland GmbH) had to synchronise their processes. 

In an individual and all-new solution, GUD acts as the VIP TSO, which manages all capacity marketing tasks via the PRISMA marketing platform. OGE acts as the VIP matching TSO and consolidates all nominations with the Dutch GTS.  

To make all this possible, an all new, decentralised VIP model and various new interfaces were implemented in the GAS-X software, which also handles the marketing processes.