Retrieval of smart meter readings via ENERGIE DATA SERVICES NEDERLAND (EDSN)

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Since the beginning of the year, OMV in the Netherlands has been using Sopra Steria's cpX.MACO market communication platform to retrieve meter readings from smart meters.

In interaction with the portal of the Dutch service provider EDSN (Energy Data Services Nederland), the process follows an asynchronous scheme. EDSN operates the Dutch energy data hub on behalf of the Dutch transmission and distribution system operators. The purpose of EDSN is to ensure optimal functioning of the Dutch energy market in transition through uniform communication methods, transparent market processes and secure data access.


With an initial request of the cpX.MACO to the portal, meter readings are requested. The portal then requests the required meter readings of the metering points from the individual system operators. The cpX.MACO reports to the portal at regular intervals to receive the meter readings and forwards them to the ENER-GX billing system. Both daily and monthly meter readings can be retrieved. The automatic retrieval of smart meter readings significantly simplifies the billing process, as the meter readings no longer have to be requested individually from customers.