GASAG Group uses ene't Services with cpX.Energy

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The offers of the company ene't GmbH for determining network fees for all network operators based on an address and an annual amount are used by many energy suppliers in their daily processes. Sopra Steria has therefore expanded its cloud platform cpX.Energy, the software for the entire process chain of energy traders, to include a connection to the web services of ene't GmbH. 
EMB and SpreeGas are already using cpX.Energy productively for the processes of preparing offers, billing, sub-ledgers and market communication. The ene't web services for determining network charges, which are fully integrated in cpX.Energy, play an important role in three processes. 

When calculating energy offers, the estimated network and metering fees for each market location are also shown. In cpX.Energy, the ene't web services are stored as individual price components with the address of the respective point of delivery, the estimated annual quantity and, if necessary, further additional information together with the calculation of the commodity price and the risk premiums. Thanks to a new mass web service that ene't developed in cooperation with Sopra Steria, it is also possible to request network charges for large bundle calculations with high performance. 
In accounting, ene't can be used to create a very precise estimate for the network charges to be billed if the network operator's INVOIC is not yet available. This helps to secure cash flow and keep the number of correction invoices as small as possible. The ene't web services are also used to create the extrapolation and the estimate of the network charges contained therein. The request from ene't is fully integrated into the contract calculation and document creation process and does not require any manual steps. 
INVOIC incoming invoice verification 
Calling up ene't services was also integrated into the fully automated process for checking incoming invoices. After importing an INVOIC, it goes through various test steps and, if the test is positive, is automatically posted as an incoming invoice. One of these test steps is the comparison of the prices from the INVOIC against the prices provided by ene't for the address, the delivery period and the quantity. 

The advantages of a fully integrated ene't connection via web services are obvious: 

  • No import of downloaded ene't databases necessary 

  • No manual intervention in the processes by querying network charges, e.g. in a local ene't tool 

  • The required ene't licenses are already available in most companies 

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