cpX.Energy for market area managers

Manage your market area on our platform

The cpX.Energy cloud platform for market area managers represents the central tasks of the market area manager:



Balancing group management
Handling of gas system access in the German market area

How you benefit from cpX.Energy as a market area manager

  • a platform for presentation of all processes of the MGV end-to-end
  • cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution with scalable usage model
  • consistently high availability and performance thanks to the use of cloud technologies
  • Balancing group management in the German gas market
  • Master data for natural gas balancing groups, biogas balancing groups, sub-balancing accounts, grids, grid interconnection points, grid accounts
  • Processing of incoming market messages (TSIMSG, ALOCAT, INVOIC, REMADV, NOMINT (for monitoring))
  • Timely generation of outgoing market messages in the daily process, monthly process and clearing process (ALOCAT, TRANOT, IMBNOT, COMMENT)
  • Balancing of the billing-relevant key figures for natural gas balancing groups (incl. conversion), biogas balancing groups, grid accounts and the overall market area
  • Complete billing of natural gas balancing groups, biogas balancing groups, grid accounts, balancing energy transactions and levy accounts
  • Monitoring of the market area
  • Provision of essential content in THE's customer portal
  • Creation of the transparency list / blacklist
  • Very high degree of automation
  • High-performance data hub of the German gas market (cluster capability)


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Knut Lorenz

Head of Platform cpX.Energy Market Area