cpX.Energy for transmission system operators

How to manage your gas transport on our platform

The cloud platform cpX.Energy Transport executes all essential market processes via a uniform grid and contract model. The entire value chain of the transmission system operator is thus represented: Contract management, capacity management and nomination management as well as all allocation processes and billing (commercial dispatching).



Billing (Commercial Dispatching)
Capacity marketing

How you benefit from cpX.Energy as a transmission system operator

  • A platform for mapping all processes for the transmission system operator Meter2Cash
  • Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution with scalable usage model
  • Consistently high availability and performance thanks to the use of cloud technologies
  • Fully automatic just-in-time calculation of all necessary key figures
  • Connection to the major European capacity platforms (PRISMA / GSA / RBP)
  • Representation of market communication via a flexible .Maco module
  • Support through various portal applications, including for key figures, invoices, data entry (partners, nominations, contributions)
  • Support for regulatory norms and standards: cooperation agreement (KoV), business processes change of supplier (GeLi Gas),  gas transmission and balancing group management (GABi Gas), Determination procedure for capacity regulations (KARLA Gas), EASEE-gas



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Axel Wernicke
Axel Wernicke
Head of Platform cpX.Energy Transport