cpX.Energy for distribution system operators

Manage your energy quantity on our platform.

The cloud platform cpX.Energy Metering offers a fully automated, event-driven energy determination process, from data retrieval to value export.

Metering points are essential objects that can have a wide range of relations. This allows for a flexible configuration of data aggregation, data comparison and references for substitute value generation.

Monitoring tools provide a comprehensive overview of the energy determination processes. Such tools include status and progress views for the value calculation processes as well as plausibility and anomaly detection checks.

All DVGW G685 requirements are met: K coefficient correction according to AGA8 and SGERG-mod-H2, consistency and synchronous check, mean value method incl. check of the 2% limit.

cpX.Energy Metering supports the DSfG standard for remote meter reading (RMR), as well as all common manufacturer-specific protocols. All RMR functions are seamlessly integrated into the energy determination and enable a flexibly configurable call-off automation. The retrievals are carried out via IP, push procedure or GSM connections.



Energy data management
Integrated remote meter reading (RMR)

How you benefit from cpX.Energy as a distribution system operator

  • One platform for all core processes of the gas distribution system operator
  • Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution with scalable usage model
  • Consistently high availability and performance thanks to the use of cloud technologies
  • Traceable and audit-proof change history for specialist master data and calculation regulations
  • Automated process chain (event-driven and rule-based process control)
  • Plausibility and anomaly detection check
  • Incident management with context-supported recording within the regular work processes
  • Fully integrated remote meter reading (RMR)
  • Data is exchanged with the platform via standardised EDIFACT messages and platform web services (standard APIs).
  • Connection to gas quality tracking systems or REKO
  • H2-Ready: the  GDM module supports rule-compliant billing (energy determination) of natural gas-hydrogen mixtures



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Andreas Wende
Andreas Wende
Head of Platform cpX.Energy Metering
Jens Wagenbreth
Jens Wagenbreth
Head of Platform cpX.Energy Metering