Solutions@Cloud Platforms

cpX.Energy – the cloud platform for energy market

Digitalisation and the energy transition have shaped a new era for the process chains of energy traders. Digital platforms help traders achieve a new level of quality. They bundle process steps and enable interaction with new technologies.

cpX.Energy offers an all-inclusive solution portfolio for energy suppliers on a cloud platform. Reduce the number of process steps and bring down your costs as a result. cpX.Energy integrates seamlessly into your business processes via standardised services.

cpX.Test – the new testing generation

Growing requirements lead to more frequent changes to software programs. The complexity of system architectures and processes is increasing, which puts high requirements on the quality of your software. Automate your test processes with cpX.Test, the customer testing platform of cpX.Energy.

The connection to our cloud platform enables you to execute complex, fully automated and cyclically repeatable tests on your system with your data.

cpX.Energy Mobile App

The cpX.Energy mobile app is the mobile complement to our cloud platform solutions.

The applets provide central functionalities of cpX.Energy: ZFA Dashboard, Invoice Approval, Profile Management.
The Mobile App is compatible with Android and iOS.